Elizabeth Court trials innovative fire response technology

Elizabeth Court housing developments Thorngate Churcher Trust - independent assisted living and residential care in Gosport, Hampshire
Thorngate is working with Plumis, an innovative fire response technology provider. Plumis is a spin-off company from Imperial College innovation teams.

A trial is being conducted in Elizabeth Court on the new modules which target the outbreak of a fire using sensors and a direct mist to both detect and put out fires much faster than traditional sprinkler systems and with much less damage.

Anne Taylor said, “We are excited to be trialling this important technology and we are truly grateful to those residents in Elizabeth Court who have kindly agreed to take part in the trial. Longer term I believe this Plumis technology will becomes a standard way of keeping people safe in settings like ours.”

Tacking energy issues

The cost of energy has been on everyone’s radar recently but at Thorngate it has been a high priority for many years.

Technology for health

As well as using enjoyable activities to improve strength and flexibility we are also pioneering the use of technology to improve safety and health.