About Thorngate Churcher

Thorngate Churcher Trust operates 124 warden supported, sheltered flats for assisted living, and a 44 bed care home offering residential care for the frail elderly and for those living with dementia.

Thorngate Churcher Trust is a community charity embedded in Gosport, providing much needed housing with support for older people and with a growing waiting list reflecting increasing local need.  When the original charities were founded back in the 1800s their mission was to provide for those who needed it most. This is still what drives us today as we seek to deliver housing support and care to those who need it.

In addition to providing great homes, onsite support to help people live independently, and our own maintenance team, we also seek to expand sympathetically where we can to meet the growing need and this is reflected in our strategy of building more homes in the future.

Our values

We seek to improve lives through passionately promoting excellence in support, care and housing.

We will each commit to take responsibility for our role in our teams encouraging, respecting and supporting each other.

We strive to be transparent, approachable, listening to each other and acting with empathy and consistency.

We will respect and support everyone as individuals, treating residents and colleagues with dignity and compassion, behaving professionally whatever our role.

Our mission

Committed to developing the highest standards of housing and professional care in a supportive, respectful and friendly community.

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We feel we have been given a great opportunity to live here and we are really enjoying life here.
Karen and Steve

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Latest innovations

Tacking energy issues

The cost of energy has been on everyone’s radar recently but at Thorngate it has been a high priority for many years.

Technology for health

As well as using enjoyable activities to improve strength and flexibility we are also pioneering the use of technology to improve safety and health.