Tacking energy issues

The cost of energy has been on everyone’s radar recently but at Thorngate it has been a high priority for many years.

As part of our efforts to ensure everything we do benefits residents we have a number of initiatives to monitor energy consumption.

Everyone in our housing and care home needs to be kept warm and cosy and part of this is ensuring we are using live data to monitor and assess our electricity usage.

Every 30 minutes we have a data snapshot of electricity used in our buildings which this ensures we have a clear picture of use.

This data means we can quickly investigate unexplained spikes in use and our property team can move to understand the cause and fix problems and therefore keep costs down.

If it is resident focused issue (for example a resident plugging items into the communal supply because they can’t afford their own electricity bill), we can then use our resident support system to see how we can help with those problems such as assistance with claiming benefits.

Technology for health

As well as using enjoyable activities to improve strength and flexibility we are also pioneering the use of technology to improve safety and health.