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Thorngate Churcher Trust is building for the future. Here are our plans for a limited number of new homes so that more local people can enjoy the benefits of Thorngate Living.
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In building for the future, Thorngate Churcher Trust is also building on its charitable foundations and continuing its mission, established in 1868, to provide housing and care for those in need. The waiting list to join us is a long one and the Trust intends to build a limited number of new homes at Melrose Gardens to enable more local people to enjoy the benefits of Thorngate Living.

The proposed new development is low rise and is designed to have an ultra-low environmental impact. Ten new homes and a new communal lounge, complete with kitchen, is planned. Each flat is completely self contained with its own laundry facilities and kitchen and each has its own front door within a sunny, light and airy communal atrium. As with all Thorngate Living schemes the planned new development will benefit from on-site 24/7 warden assistance. In addition, it is proposed to extend Clare House to provide two more homes and to enhance the landscaping of the open space at Melrose Gardens ensuring residents can continue to enjoy time in their dedicated gardens.

A page of frequently asked questions and answers about the intended new development and extension of Clare House is available on this website.

If you think you'd enjoy Thorngate Living, or you know of somebody in Gosport who might, simply click on the link in the menu to the left of this page to download and complete an application form or call our Housing and Support Manager, Jill Francis on 023 9253 4999. You can also email us at


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