Continuously Improving our Care

Compassionate care and a programme of continuous improvement is at the heart of Russell Churcher Court. We have taken additional quality assurance measures to meet the Care Quality Commission's rigorous standards.

Thorngate Churcher Trust maintains a long standing continuous improvement programme. This means at Russell Churcher Court we are always looking to improve the quality of our care, the standard of the training we provide for staff, our compliance with regulatory requirements and the experience we offer the families and loved ones of our residents.

We regularly detail the improvements we have achieved, and the ones we are planning, in our annual report, copies of which are freely available from the administration office at Clare House and here on the website in our Document Library (see the green 'View our publications' clickable link across every page).

As a registered provider of residential care, Russell Churcher Court is subject to the regulatory oversight of the Care Quality Commission (CQC) which, as the independent regulator of health and social care in England, maintains a regime of rigorous inspections. As a result of the findings of our most recent CQC inspection of Russell Churcher Court, held on 14 November 2016, we are currently enhancing our continuous improvement programme with a series of additional initiatives.

These additional measures include changes to our staff training to ensure there is improved record keeping and quality assurance of records concerning resident care plans and administration of medicines. We have appointed an external consultant to advise us, provide management training and assist with establishing quality assurance benchmarks. The Trust is investigating new software solutions to aid collation of feedback and standardising of survey methodologies.

The Trust has implemented ongoing internal and independent external audits to check the extra work we are undertaking meets CQC requirements. Our Chief Executive and Board of Trustees are closely involved in ensuring the improvements are achieved, quickly and without inconvenience or disruption to residents at Russell Churcher Court. Many of the improvements required by the CQC have already been successfully implemented. The remainder are continuing with completion scheduled for the end of March 2017, just two and a half months after the publication of the inspection findings. We look forward to welcoming the CQC on its next comprehensive inspection.

Meeting the high and continuously evolving standards required by the CQC does not delay the Trust's own continuous improvement programme, rather it informs and underpins our work and gives confidence to our residents, their families and loved ones.

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